EVOLVE IVSolution – Training and Capacity building, the Evolution for the IVS movement seeks to enable exchange and develop new cooperation between CCIVS members and invited guests coming from different regions of the world. In face of the declining numbers of volunteers, it offers a space to build new partnerships and to develop key competencies to strengthen organisational structure.

The project proposal is built upon the previous STEPS projects which brought organisational development training and impact measurement to 20 organisations in 4 regions, allowing the building of a global and regional diagnosis on the State of the Art of the International Voluntary Service movement.

Due to the pandemic situation, the #EVOLVE project was suspended for 6 months from February – July 2021. The first activity, the International Conference and Networking, was supposed to take place in Berlin, Germany hosted by VJF. As the impact of the pandemic extended and the international mobility was still a big challenge, a decision was taken to turn it into an online event so as to ensure the participation of all the partners coming from 4 different continents. The online forum also provided a chance for partners to send more than one representative to join.